Features you need to know for dock levelers:

1. Dock levelers are used for fast and easy loading of goods.

2. Increase productivity as automate and speed up loading.

3. Available in a wide variety of types and sizes manual or electro hydraulic, steel or aluminium and are used to bridge the warehouse or factory to the level of the truck.

4. Given the strain subjected to from heavy loads they are certified and meet international sefety standards.

5. Accompanied (on demand) from accessories such as: Rubber bumbers for the prevention of the building from any bumps, and wheel guides, etc.



Dock shetlers are the ideal isolating structure you can use between your building and the various types and sizes of trucks. These closures also reduce or avoid draught problems during the loading and unloading of merchandise.

The inside structure is made of steel with a pantograph functioning, while the lateral parts are made of Polyester covered with black PVC and the frontal parts of black rubber with an interior reinfarcement.


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