Sensor 400
Sensor 400
Sensor 400

Sensor 400

High tech for all Applications

The Modular System Drive:                   

Our 400 series is more flexible than any other and still does not ignore any technical innovations. The sensor technology guarantees and maximum safety and smooth operation .Best technology - for your comfort. 

Just select the opener suited to your needs.

Safety: After the travel path has been programmed by one push of the button our operator independenty memorises the value of power required along the travel path. Its drive motor, equipped with most modern Hall sensor technology guarantees automatic safety shutdown in the presence of even the slightest obstacle by means of the memorised power curve.The S400 therefore corresponds to the latest European norms (e.g. DIN EN 12453) regarding to the forces placed at the closing edges of the door. the motor 's self-inhibitory wheel drive ensures the best protection against unauthorized manually lifting of the garage door, even during a power cut.

The Assembly: The rail, completely pressembled, can be mounted directly fixed onto the plug-in whole of the rail. After tying the motorhead to the rail the assembly is ready. The force and path programming is made electronically.

 The Rail: Completely pre-assembled and pretensioned, in chain or belt.The gearwheels are running in ball bearings.You have the option of different lenght and two different trolley versions. Who is offering more:

Technical Data:

Motor                                 24V- wormgear-motor with integrated "Hall-Sensor"

Motor performance       max.320 W

Consumption                   energy-saving toroidial tranformer with auto-reset heat-protection

                                             consumption in stand-by-modus approx. 90%  lower than coventional transformer

Lighting                              230 V, 40 W fixed lighting period (3 min.)

Radio                                  As standard with 433.92 MHz radio rolling Code.

Technical Features        1200 N force, self-learning path and force setting by 3-Plus-Technic, Connections for pushbutton,

                                             photocell and emergency stop, full emergency release, Soft-Start, Soft-Stop, 

                                            double beared rail-system for heavy-duty use,plug-in rail system.




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