OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs
OVERHEAD DOORS without springs

OVERHEAD DOORS without springs


1. Double skinned panels of galvanized stucco steel sheet with thickness 0,5 mm of heat insulation hard polyurethane 45 kgr/m3. 
Total panel thickness 42mm.

2. Stucco surface which perfectly combines the modern with the classic and gives the door maximum endurance and protection against possible damage.

3. Wide range of powder coating colours (AKZO NOBEL) with excellent resistance to outdoor conditions and excellent colour retention that meets the requirements of all major European architectural standards BS EN 12206:2004 PART I, QUALICOAT CLASS I and GSB.

4. Guides and heavy type angle of galvanized steel sheet thickness 2mm.

5. Hinges of metal galvanized steel heavy type thickness 2,5 mm. 

6. Special rubbers from EPDM which adjust to all door types, increasing sealing and minimizing t losses of ventilation.

a. Laterally throughout the height 
b. Intermediate in joints
c. Doublebottom profile at bottom panel of the door
d. In the last upper panel adjoining to the front of the frame

7. TUBO shaft from pipe exterior diameter Φ101mm to 3mm thickness with flanged edges Φ 40mm on both sides.

  Σε αυτή την περίπτωση η πόρτα λειτουργεί δίχως ελατήρια με απευθείας κίνηση από τον κινητήρα.

  The main advantage of the pattern without springs is that the spring is not damaged (as it doesn’t exist) and consequently the reduction of maintenance.

The manual operation in this case is done with chain hoist.

Biorol SA offers a wide range of products relating to security and providing maximum protection:

  • Cable brake deviceAdjusts to the last panel and blocks undesirable movement of the door downwards in case of damage of the cable.
  • Safety edge or motion detection photocells whose installation is essential when the door is remotely operated in accordance with safety standard EN 13241-1
  • Finger protection. Specially planned and designed panel that during closing prevents the trapping of fingers between the panels.

Operating modes of horizontal lifting:

Extra features - combinations

  • Windows made of polycarbonate material double glazing with perimeter sealing rubber and with the use of different types of windows.Different facets of doors can be constucted. Available in various standard dimensions adding more lighting outdoors. 
  • Glass aluminium frames made of polycarbonate material single glazing. In the case of glass, polyurethane panels are replaced by aluminium profile with PLEXI GLASS 5mm thickness. The dimensions of the glasses vary in width and height and are shaped appropriately according to the dimensions of each door.
  • Pedestrian doors: available in a wide range of colours and designs with or without glass with aluminium perimeter frame. With handle lock and return mechanism in order to ensure that will always remain closed during operation.
    • Built in: in case the roof door needs to remain closed (especially during winter months) then the built-in door can facilitate the crosswalk reducing unnecessary use of the main door especially in industry.
    • Non built-in: referred where the space mounting of the roof door is large and is not considered necessary the construction of a built-in.

Replaces the common aluminium door and is available in the same design and colour with the main door, creating this way a premium and harmonious aesthetic result.

Innovative new product

Biorol SA constantly drawing attention in the research and the safety of its products and basic aim of providing effective customer service, presents a technological innovation, a combination of safety and aesthetic, built-in door with a minimum threshold

A completely functional solution that facilitates the crossing of pedestrians as well as small wheeled machines something which was considered very difficult regarding the existing technology.


Operates with three-phased motor  MIN power 1,5 HP with gear of the Italian firm ELSAMEC. 

The manual operation is done with a chain hoist 

Advantages included:
a. high security electromagnetic brake
b. switch setting limits placed in a box with IP54 protection
c. LV also placed in a box with protection IP54
d. reduction system 1/5 
e. a remote control system, button, key selector, keyboard, photocell, flashing, antenna, safety edge, etc.can be adapted.
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